QLS is Quality Lifestyle

How QLS Program improves office workers’ life quality?


Does the above image match your feeling of work in the office?

If NOT, you are at the right place to change that.

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How the Mobility Enhances Creativity and Productivity

Combining office mobility and neurological study the QLS Program is a sustainable way to prevent sedentary conditions and improve mental cognition, creativity, and productivity

By TONY OLEJNICKI inspired by Dr. Michael Anderson

I was inspired by Dr. Anderson research documented in his book After Phrenology: Neural Reuse and the Interactive Brain and his explanation of modern understanding of how the brain works. I connected that immediately with work of Dr. Marc Hamilton on the office immobility a basis of the QLS Program. It was a Eureka moment for me when I fully understood how both concepts can revolutionize the Quality Lifestyle for most of the people.

Michael Anderson is a modern day Leonardo Da Vinci with a diverse background with no dogmatic views on what is suppose to be true. He started as a pre-med undergraduate at Norte Dame followed by a Ph.D. in philosophy and postdoc in computer science specialized in Artificial Intelligence.

The research by Dr. Anderson measured, quantified and applied new angle on how the brain works. He discovered that our minds are connected to the physical world by interacting, touching and manipulating things rather than storing things in ‘memory’ and recalling computer-like on demand. We are all familiar with a fallacy that we are using only 10% of our brain and this is why we have geniuses, who can use 100%. Nature is very efficient with resources so why should be so wasteful with the brain? And of course, it is not.

At first approximation, we know that the brain is a collection of very specialized organs dedicated to some very particular kind of processing or kind of perceptual mode such as vision, touch, language etc. The neurons connect and form partnerships, which can get stronger or fade. This is called neuroplasticity.
This was a foundation for a next step called neural reuse which explained how these specialized areas collaborate.

Dr. Anderson has connected these two stories in 15 years of research and discovered that these two mechanisms interact, collaborate and form sophisticated organizations which lead to the complex brain functionality.

Parts of the brain involved in things like motor control or basic perception are also important to the higher order of thinking like language and mathematics. It is well documented that the task of naming tools activates places involved in motor manipulation.

People with vision when reading Braille while blindfolded use vision parts of the brain but if reading with eyes open uses different part of the brain.
The brain has some storage capacity and stores mental representations, affordances, for future manipulations. If we look at a doorknob we instantly associate it with a rotation. In mathematics, we solve algebraic equations based on patterns and precedents.
The chess player resolves his moves based on few successful patterns he remembers and associates them with the current pattern. He doesn’t need to remember a large number of patterns just a few making sense. The computer, on the other hand, relies on millions stored patterns and matches them a current pattern.

The language and mathematics are a collection of affordance manipulation tools. The language is super powerful as it allows us to manipulate each other affordances, which is going to change their behavior, including their verbal behavior. So our language development is deeply rooted in our social interactions.
Living in a frugal nature we face ‘USE IT OR LOOSE IT’ paradigm every day. This is why sitting in a chair for 8-10 hour per day leads to sedentary conditions and intellectual deterioration.

1 hour of vigorous exercise per day by no means compensates for 8-10 hours sitting. It slows deterioration process to some extent but it is too hard for most of the people and therefore not sustainable.

The QLS Program design based on office immobility studies and validated by neural research is a sustainable way to prevent sedentary conditions and improve mental cognition, creativity, and productivity.

Tony Olejnicki – an engineer, writer, motivator and exercise physiologist specializing in high altitude training – is the creator of IMA (Infinite Mountain Adventure), an inspirational company helping professional working in an office environment to improve life quality and experience a motivational Himalayan adventure.

Contact IMA for a free consultation about the personalized transition QLS Program to mobility in your workplace. Send feedback or questions to the author tony@8mtb.com


(1)Brain Science Podcast Episode 124: Neural Reuse and Embodied Cognition

(2) Dr. Michael Anderson, After Phrenology: Neural Reuse and the Interactive BrainAfter Phrenology: Neural Reuse and the Interactive Brain, MIT Press.

Innovative way to Keep the Body Young and Healthy

The comprehensive treatment of the tired mind and body is the solution to the human being under stress.

by TONY OLEJNICKI | Creator of the QLS Program

The ups and downs of the job and the stress from competitive pressure are manageable in short-term and even beneficial to stimulate the mind. With an increased pressure to ‘perform’ the answer is in an increase of the productivity.

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Occupational Health and Safety Risks of Sitting

The office immobility is an imminent occupational health and safety issue but it is simple and cost-effective to resolve. If resolved, it leads to better life expectancy for office workers and a huge productivity increases for the business.

by TONY OLEJNICKI | Creator of the QLS Program

There is a new epidemic of public health imminent but avoidable, the office immobility. There is so much evidence now that prolong sitting is detrimental to the human health and it lowers life expectancy. In fact sitting is more dangerous than cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption. It kills more people than HIV infection. Continue reading “Occupational Health and Safety Risks of Sitting”

The Office Mobility – a Business Case

A routine and personal comfort are natural parts of human behavior. Disrupted at regular intervals improve a private or professional life. Choose motivational speaker or inspire employees with real benefits, of great active working environment to take on the ownership of their jobs, being healthy, creative, alert and mentally available.

By TONY OLEJNICKI | Creator of the QLS Program

A routine and personal comfort are natural parts of human behavior and need to be disrupted at regular intervals whether this is a private or professional life.

There are many ways to achieve that.

A good motivational speaker can be one of these disruptions to ignite your employees to action, creativity, and productivity. Continue reading “The Office Mobility – a Business Case”

The Corporate Culture and Quality Lifestyle

The Quality Lifestyle is not about how much money you earn. It is about being active and comfortable with that. It is one of the most important motivation tools available to any CEO.

By Tony Olejnicki
Inspired by Simon Sinek author “Start with Why”

You can plan to achieve any objective but you need the energy and clarity of mind to achieve it. It is all about having the right culture and keeping it strong; the corporate culture which puts employees first.

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New Year Thoughts on Biking

By Tony Olejnicki | Creator of the QLS Program

I start with my favorite quote for this week:

“Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who had said, not even if I had said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense” – Buddha

There are many exciting sports and physical activities and because we are all different, we enjoy different activities. I’d like to talk about the most useful and productive activity from a health, quality lifestyle and fitness aspects. Continue reading “New Year Thoughts on Biking”

How Office Work Effects you?

Would you like to retire with a sedentary condition, diabetes or heart disease? I bet you wouldn’t. Most of office workers heading that way but there is a simple and easy way to change your personal direction…

By TONY OLEJNICKI | Creator of the QLS Program

Do you know how many people in your business enjoy coming to work and spending 8 hours in the office?…

Statistically only 20%. Imagine productivity improvements if that changed to 80%. Scientific experiments and studies demonstrate that this is easily achievable.

So, what is wrong with office work?

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