QLS is Quality Lifestyle

How QLS Program improves office workers’ life quality?



Does the above image match your feeling of work in the office?

If NOT, you are at the right place to change that.

I am Tony Olejnicki, an exercise physiologist with the engineering experience. I specialized in high altitude training, preparing corporate clients for the high altitude climbing challenge. The high altitude challenge improves fitness, well-being, and personal confidence. It is accessible to most the fit people.

I have an extensive climbing experience with over 100 technical climbs over 3000m in the USA, South America, NZ and in the Himalayas. I practice and ejoy rock climbing. I also climbed two 8000m peaks Cho Oyu and Lhotse.

I applied the system engineering approach and my high altitude training experience to the latest discoveries and state of the art in exercise physiology to create a unique OLS Program helping office workers to a better working and living quality lifestyle.


This blog is about creating an office work environment helping you improving your health outcomes, well-being, and life expectancy.

Contact us for a free consultation about the personalized transition QLS Program to mobility in your workplace. Send feedback or questions to the author:

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