The Corporate Culture and Quality Lifestyle

The Quality Lifestyle is not about how much money you earn. It is about being active and comfortable with that. It is one of the most important motivation tools available to any CEO.


By Tony Olejnicki
Inspired by Simon Sinek author “Start with Why”

You can plan to achieve any objective but you need the energy and clarity of mind to achieve it. It is all about having the right culture and keeping it strong; the corporate culture which puts employees first.

Most of HR corporate culture gurus point to two essential ingredients of business long-term success, the outlining philosophy (WHY do we exist?) and dedicated management and the staff to turn an intangible idea to a tangible.

Companies such as Apple and Microsoft have a clear vision and the understanding of their why. The Apple is about challenging status quo. The Microsoft is about delivering computer power to any individual. Both of these companies have been successful for a long time and still pursue their WHY today. There were short periods in the history of both these companies when they missed the belief and temporarily faltered but as soon as they returned to the original basis, the market, the staff, the customers and the fortune followed them.

Both these companies had phenomenal creators, who have been true to their beliefs and resisted corporate greed over the intangible because they could, and they understood through the experience that deviating from the WHY is counterproductive.

Unfortunately not every CEO has that luxury because most of the companies are driven by a short-term financial objective over-ridding the intangible. Besides, only a few CEOs have the benefit of living and understanding the company WHY. The quarterly and annual financial objectives and bonuses are irresistibly tempting. The CEO is accountable to the Board and shareholders, so even with the best intentions, it takes titans’ strength to resist that.

The salesman can be easily driven by financial incentives but it is much more difficult to do that to the admin and creative staff. Considering that most of the companies are driven by short-term goals, it is very difficult to inspire the staff. There is a need to motivate the employee to turn up every day and give at least 80% capability to the business. Statistically, only 20% of employees enjoy coming to the office and sitting in front of the workstation for 8 hours.

Imagine, being able to turn that around to 80%. The research points out that this is not only possible but relatively easily achievable and cost-effective. It is all about the Quality Lifestyle and it can come to the business at a very affordable cost.

The Quality Lifestyle is not about how much money you earn as long as you are competitively remunerated. It is about being active and comfortable with that. Most of the people can commit to short-term work with a reasonable efficiency but sitting in the chair for 8 hours kills that, no one can possibly sustain that.
One of the most important powers available to any CEO is to motivate employees. This is the only parameter the CEO can control single-handily.

The recent research by the Mayo Clinic explains clearly what happens to a human being sitting in the chair. In the nutshell, the muscle tissue dies and gets replaced by the fat. In turn, the body environment responsible for the production of essential hormones and enzymes deteriorates, metabolic system collapses and neural activities extinguish leading to serious burnout and lowering life expectancy.This is due to sedentary diseases setting in the 40s and 50s.

Imagine changing that and having your employees coming to the office to improve their health outcomes, staying alert and focused and giving 80% rather than only 20%. Sometimes it is hard to imagine that by the CEO isolated in the top level office, collecting high bonuses and giving 100% to the company.

The QLS Program can change that cost-effectively in 12 weeks. It is the fact supported by recent experiments in exercise physiology from the Mayo Clinic and experience of 5 years preparing corporate clients to a life changing high altitude challenge.

Tony Olejnicki – an engineer, writer, motivator and exercise physiologist specializing in high altitude training – is the creator of IMA (Infinite Mountain Adventure), an inspirational company helping professional working in an office environment to improve life quality and experience a motivational Himalayan adventure.

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