You Can Do It – Living Better Longer

Why so many get unfit, stay unfit and age faster than they should?

The reason for this is multifaceted. It is a lack of knowledge and a lack of self-belief.

Due to the lack of time, most don’t think about future implications of being unfit and unhealthy, until a sedentary disease or chronic pain sets in. The future is far away, it happens in 40’s, 50’s and beyond. There seems to be plenty of time not to act. Culturally we are conditioned, with the power of advertising, to rely on funds like a health insurance or superannuation to lead us to a false sense of security. We focus on private insurance to take care of our medical expenses.

We also believe that we can live fit and healthy beyond our 50’s. At the same time, we don’t believe in the urgency of fitness, treating it as it were a commodity. We don’t connect physical fitness with cerebral fitness, productivity, creativity and life enjoyment.
You don’t have to be one of majority dying prematurely from sedentary disease, having difficulties walking in your 50’s and fighting the excess weight. A much better strategy is just not to go there.

If you are a gym rat then you most likely have a chance to be strong and flexible until late 50’s. If you run 10 km a day you most likely will be able to do fun runs until late 60’s. If you cycle most days then you most likely will be able to cycle till late 70’s. Are you doing that?
However, if you sit in an office chair for 8 hours a day, you have 50% chance to develop one or more sedentary disease in your 50’s even if you exercise one hour a day. One hour exercise doesn’t compensate for 8 hours of sitting. This is what the latest research in human mobility indicates.

Can you imagine being mobile for 8 hours a day during your work? This is 8 hours of light exercise, which your body would hardly object. This is an equivalent of 10 km run which most likely will make you exhausted. Interestingly, you will burn the same number of calories for each of these activities.

Switching to office mobility requires knowledge and experience in exercise physiology and human mobility. There are lots of places which provide the facility of a standing desk, too often this mobility is misunderstood and ineffective.

A correct implementation of mobility will lead to doubling of the productivity and sustainable health benefits for employees. A well-designed office mobility program helps endurance level, balance, flexibility, and agility. Only if all the above are implemented then you have a chance to succeed in doubling your work productivity and a joy of living longer better.

The QLS program consists of a comprehensive assessment of individual and guided 12 weeks group program including personalized core, balance and agility clinics.

Tony Olejnicki – an engineer, adventurer, motivator and exercise physiologist specializing in high altitude training – is the creator of IMA (Infinite Mountain Adventure), an inspirational company helping professional working in an office environment to improve life quality and experience a motivational Himalayan adventure.

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