How the Mobility Enhances Creativity and Productivity

Combining office mobility and neurological study the QLS Program is a sustainable way to prevent sedentary conditions and improve mental cognition, creativity, and productivity


By TONY OLEJNICKI inspired by Dr. Michael Anderson

I was inspired by Dr. Anderson research documented in his book After Phrenology: Neural Reuse and the Interactive Brain and his explanation of modern understanding of how the brain works. I connected that immediately with work of Dr. Marc Hamilton on the office immobility a basis of the QLS Program. It was a Eureka moment for me when I fully understood how both concepts can revolutionize the Quality Lifestyle for most of the people.
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An Innovative way to Keep the Body Young and Healthy

The comprehensive treatment of the tired mind and body is the solution to the human being under stress.

by TONY OLEJNICKI | Creator of the QLS Program

The ups and downs of the job and the stress from a competitive pressure are manageable in a short-term and even beneficial to stimulate the mind. With an increased pressure to ‘perform’ the answer is increased of productivity.

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Occupational Health and Safety Risks of Sitting

The office immobility is an imminent occupational health and safety issue but it is simple and cost-effective to resolve. If resolved, it leads to better life expectancy for office workers and a huge productivity increases for the business.

by TONY OLEJNICKI | Creator of the QLS Program

There is a new epidemic of public health imminent but avoidable, the office immobility. There is so much evidence now that prolong sitting is detrimental to the human health and it lowers life expectancy. In fact sitting is more dangerous than cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption. It kills more people than HIV infection. Continue reading “Occupational Health and Safety Risks of Sitting”

The Office Mobility – a Business Case

A routine and personal comfort are natural parts of human behavior. Disrupted at regular intervals improve a private or professional life. Choose motivational speaker or inspire employees with real benefits, of great active working environment to take on the ownership of their jobs, being healthy, creative, alert and mentally available.

By TONY OLEJNICKI | Creator of the QLS Program

A routine and personal comfort are natural parts of a human behavior and need to be disrupted at regular intervals whether this is a private or professional life.

There are many ways to achieve that.

A good motivational speaker can be one of these disruptions to ignite your employees to action, creativity, and productivity.
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The Corporate Culture and Quality Lifestyle

The Quality Lifestyle is not about how much money you earn. It is about being active and comfortable with that. It is one of the most important motivation tools available to any CEO.

By Tony Olejnicki
Inspired by Simon Sinek author “Start with Why”

You can plan to achieve any objective but you need the energy and clarity of mind to achieve it. It is all about having the right culture and keeping it strong; the corporate culture which puts employees first.

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New Year Thoughts on Biking

By Tony Olejnicki | Creator of the QLS Program

I start with my favorite quote for this week:

“Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who had said, not even if I had said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense” – Buddha

There are many exciting sports and physical activities and because we are all different, we enjoy different activities. I’d like to talk about the most useful and productive activity from a health, quality lifestyle and fitness aspects. Continue reading “New Year Thoughts on Biking”